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MUTATION | PERMISSION | DEED | PLAN & AMP | NEC | C.S. S.A. R.S. | MOUZA MAP | CERTIFICATIONS, a prominent figure in the real estate industry, is proud to present its comprehensive “Legal Services Support.” Tailored for both residential and commercial properties, encompassing buildings and lands, our legal services are your cornerstone for handling intricate legal matters. From scrutinizing critical documents to verifying ownership, managing government records, and facilitating complex processes like mutation, permission, deed execution, and certifications, we are your unwavering legal partner in real estate transactions.

  1. AC Land Mutation
  2. Mutation permission from RAJUK/NHA/M. P office
  3. Deed Withdrawal
  4. Hiba-Bil-Iwaz Deed
  5. Title Deed
  6. Partition Deed
  7. Power of Attorney
  8. Deed of agreement
  9. Power acceptance from RAJUK/ NHA/ M.P office
  10. Lay-Out Plan from RAJUK
  11. Approve Plan from RAJUK
  12. NEC (Non-Encumbrance Certificate)
  13. C.S. S.A. R.S. & City Jorip Porchha Certified Copy
  14. C.S. S.A, R.S & City Jorip Porca Khasra Copy
  15. Mouza Map Tejgaon Satrastha Land office
  16. Occupancy Certificate from RAJUK
  17. Succession Certificate
  18. Permission letter of Building Reconstruction from N.H.A/RAJUK/M. P office
  19. Foreign Power of Attorney (Registered)
  20. Sale permission from N.H.A/RAJUK/M. P office

 Vetting Services –

  1. Legal Document Vetting
  2. Document Verification
  1. Legal Document Vetting

– Our seasoned legal team offers meticulous review and drafting services for a wide spectrum of documents, including contracts, agreements, and property deeds.

– We ensure that all documents are legally precise, transparent, and in full compliance with the relevant laws and regulations.

– Ensure every document is exactly how and where it is supposed to be for carefree living and investment possibilities with the best property legal services in Bangladesh.

  1. Changing Property Ownership

bosotbari helps provides the property legal services in Dhaka required for changing title ownership from one person to another.

  • Why Mutation us Required?

Mutation, in the most simplest form, is a formal record that the property now belongs to the new owner. In addition, Mutation is essential to register or transfer the property, and for tax concerns.

  • Usual Phases of Operation :
  • i) Mutation with the concerned government authorities owning the land (where applicable)
  • ii) Mutation with the concerned Land Offices

Authority Mutation is also known as flat or plot mutation. Land Mutation is also known as Tahshil Mutation. Authority Mutation is completed by issuing a Mutation Letter by the concerned authorities in favor of the new owner or applicant.

  • Khatian

The Khatian is a document for identification of land. Documents prepared through surveys for the purpose of determining possession, ownership and assessing Land Development Tax is known as Khatian .

  • Porcha

“Porcha” is a document which is legally termed as Record of Right (ROR). The ROR document shows particulars​of Mouja, JL no, CS/RS dag no, and Khatian no. when the mutation of the property has already been completed.

  1. Deed Acquisition :

bosotbari helps you in the acquisition of various deeds required for a multitude of approvals and as proof of ownership.

  • Finding the History of Owners :

In real estate laws, Bia Deeds establish a chain of ownership, regarding the property in question, of all the official owners of the property since its first formal registration.

  • Proving Property Ownership :

A Title Deed is the most important document as far as property ownership is concerned and to avoid property disputes. It is a legal document, agreed upon by buyer and seller, which confirms or proves that one is the owner of a property after having it transferred into their name.

  • What is the Hiba-Bil-Iwaz” deed Mean?

Hiba Bil Iwaz means a gift for consideration already received. It is a transaction made up of two mutual or reciprocal gifts between two persons. One gift from a donor to the donee and one from donee to the donor.

  • NEC (Non-Encumbrance Certificate)

The Non-Encumbrance Certificate is a record of all the deeds registered or missing over the last 10-15 years that ensures everything is on track for smooth processing. 

  1. Need Professional Management?

bosotbari can act as an authorized representative working to help you achieve your requirements without you needing to take part in the activities.

  • Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney or Letter of Attorney is a written authorization to let someone represent or act on another’s behalf in private affairs, business, or some other legal matters, by acting as the principal, grantor, or donor.

  • Foreign Power of Attorney (Registered)

A Foreign Power of Attorney in Dhaka enables the applicant living abroad to appoint a person or organization from abroad to manage his/her property or affairs in Bangladesh and needs to be attested by the Embassy of Bangladesh in that country and then needs to be submitted along with two sets of photocopies for attestation.

  • Power Acceptance from Rajuk/ NHA/M. P. office

In the case of government property, an approval needs to be taken for the Power of Attorney to be recognized legally.

  1. Need Construction Approval?

bosotbari ensures that plans you need to begin a construction project are approval-ready and help in acquiring those approvals both in the case of creation and in the case of lost documents.

  • Approve Plans & Lay-Out Plans:

In order to begin a construction project, multiple documents need to be approved by authorities. These include Building Plans and Layout Plans. bosotbari ensures that these plans are approval-ready and help in acquiring those approvals both in the case of creation and in the case of loss retrieval.

  • Additional Layout Plan Importance

Layout planning can significantly affect productivity and service quality. Some consequences of poor layout are increased costs, confused and frustrated customers, and poor communication and information flows. 

  1. Occupancy Certificate:

bosotbari will help you ensure you are legally allowed to occupy and use a property with all the approval necessary from governing bodies such as RAJUK.

  • Occupying a Property

In order to legally occupy a property, whether fully or partially built, an Occupancy Certificate in Dhaka from RAJUK is required. It proves that a building adheres to national building codes and is suitable for occupancy. It is issued by a development authority or a local government agency, such as the municipal corporation.

  • Missing Occupancy Certificate

Without the Occupancy Certificate in Dhaka, there is no proof that the building is up to standard. This could mean there are safety possibilities, there may be issues with mortgage arrangements, and insurance coverage will not be a possibility.

Utility services will also not be legally authorized from the municipality, meaning no gas, water, or electricity. 

  1. Prove Your Inheritance

bosotbari helps with acquiring a Succession Certificate which is necessary to prove the inheritance of property ownership by the survivors of a deceased property owner. Succession Certificate: (Succession Act-1925)

  • (A) Obtaining Succession (Warishan) Certificate from the local govt authorities, i.e. City Corporation, Municipality or Union Parishad.
  • (B) Obtaining succession certificate through the Court of Law.
  • Multiple Inheritor Concerns?

When dividing property among multiple people, usually family members, the Partition Deed is the formal documentation. A partition is a division of a property held jointly by several persons, so that each person gets a share and becomes the owner of the share allotted to them.

  1. Sale Permission

bosotbari ensures a Sale Permission is present in order for the existing owner, or lessee, of a property to be able to sell their property.

bosotbari handles all your property legal aspects so you can focus on your purchase, sale, or investment without a worry.

  1. Transparent Communication :

– We uphold transparent communication channels, providing regular updates on legal proceedings, document statuses, and compliance matters.

– You will always be informed about the progress of your legal transactions.

  1. Client-Centric Approach :

– We tailor our legal services to align with your specific needs, objectives, and concerns. Your interests remain our top priority.’s Legal Services Support is your steadfast legal companion in the intricate realm of real estate. Whether you are dealing with residential or commercial properties, buildings, or lands, we ensure that your transactions are legally sound, secure, and carried out with unwavering compliance. Partner with us to navigate the multifaceted legal landscape of real estate transactions with confidence and peace of mind.

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